Introducing the Epson SC-F2200

The perfect Direct to Garment and Direct to Film solution!

Colour like no other

Developed for businesses demanding accuracy, speed, and the ability to produce customers’ complex designs on a variety of garments. With Improved productivity, Improved usability, and Improved quality.

Welcome to DTG Solutions

DTG Solutions are a Direct to Garment specialist.

With a wealth of printing experience, DTG Solutions is the place to come for advice and information, regarding direct to garment printing.

Utilising our years of knowledge in the industry, we’re very excited to release several new print packages – containing everything to commence your own T-Shirt printing operation!

Centred around the revolutionary Epson SC-F2200 Garment and T-Shirt printer, our range of packages can be embraced by new businesses taking their first steps towards printing their own high quality, bespoke garment designs, but are also geared to the potentially more demanding needs of established printers.

Whatever your business or level, DTG Solutions can tailor unique packages, suited to every individual situation.

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Introducing the SureColor SC-F2200

Epson SureColor F2200 offers a full package for Direct-to-garment & Direct-to-film printing, providing businesses with flexibility & scalability.
  • Improved productivity
  • Improved usability
  • Improved quality
The SC-F2200 offers a hybrid Direct-To-Garment & Direct-To-Film solution, including printer, printhead, inks and software.
It’s been developed for businesses demanding accuracy, speed, and the ability to produce customers’ complex designs on a variety of garments. It’s compact, flat top design minimises working space allowing easy installation into smaller spaces and scalability with multiple units.

About printing Direct To Garment

Similar to conventional inkjet printing, DTG printers spray tiny droplets of ink onto a substrate. In the case of DTG the substrate is a fabric garment, typically cotton. Where DTG differs from conventional inkjet printing is the finishing of the print. With DTG, once the garment has been printed it needs to be cured in a heatpress to remove the moisture from the inks on the garment, therby fixing the print onto the fabric. Unlike white or light gaments, dark fabrics need a white underbase laid down before the colour can be put down.

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