Introducing the Epson SC-F2200

The perfect Direct to Garment and Direct to Film solution!

Colour like no other

Developed for businesses demanding accuracy, speed, and the ability to produce customers’ complex designs on a variety of garments. With Improved productivity, Improved usability, and Improved quality.



SureColor F2000 Overview

An overview of the SureColor F2000 features.

SureColor F2000 Workflow

Epson shows how to print with DTG using their F2000 printer.

Garment Creator Software

See what you can do with this powerful tool.

T Shirt & Sons Case Study

Hear about their experience with the SureColor F2000.

How Tos

Pretreament Application

Epson show you how to apply pretreatment for use with the F2000 printer

Loading a T-Shirt

Epson shows how you load garments into the F2000 DTG Printer .

Epson Garment Creator Tutorials

Downloading and Configuring the Software

Learn how to download and configure the Epson Garment Creator software. 

Using the File Menu

Learn how to navigate the file menu of the Epson Garment Creator software. 

Placing Images and Text

Learn how to place images and text on garments. 

Selecting Print Settings

Learn how to select print settings. 

Using and Creating Presets

Learn how to use built-in presets or create custom presets. 

Adjusting Layouts and Colours

Learn how to adjust print layouts and colors in the Epson Garment Creator software. 

Estimating Job Cost & Accessing Job History 

Learn how to estimate job cost and access your job history in the Epson Garment Creator software. 


F2000 Cleaning Set Replacement

An explanatory video on how to change the cleaning set for the SureColor F2000.

SureColor F2000 Print Head

How to maintain the SureColor F2000 print head.

Cleaning the F2000 Capping Station

See how to clean the F2000 capping station.

Cleaning the F2000 CR Scale

This video shows you how to maintain the CR scale.